Nicholas Fife

Folklore: The Affliction: Black Alithe

Short Story

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

Black Alithe has spent her life feared and ostracized by the people of Kremel, feared as a witch and forced to live in the shadows of Olo-Pelios, that most ancient and arcane edifice of forbidden knowledge. But when a creature of shadows and lies comes to Kremel she may need them more than they need her. Can Alithe overcome the fears of her fellow Kremelrans? Or will both she and they fall prey to the demon’s machinations?

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About the Setting

Enter an age where our ancestors truly feared the night, when folklore was a thing told in secret to aid survival and not just tales to keep frightened children from sleeping in their beds. Folklore is a setting steeped in fear, myth and superstition, a backdrop for dark and exciting adventure. Hunt or be hunted by creatures of antiquity and legend, both mortal and supernatural. Search dangerous locales and peruse forgotten lore.

Discover the Afflictions that even now sink their claws into the heart of the land. Folklore: the Affliction uses the mythology of our own past as the antagonist. The heroes of our stories must face the Afflictions that are rising from the darkness.

The Ed Greenwood Group, in collaboration with Greenbrier Games and Twin Fire Productions, is proud to present the exclusive fiction based on the wildly popular board game, available only from TEGG! Would you like to know more about Folklore: The Affliction? Click here to go to the TEGG website!

About the Author

Nicholas has had a love of stories and storytelling since discovering Fantasy literature in childhood, and is the Lore Guardian for Folklore: The Affliction. When he isn’t found happily typing away at his desk he enjoys reading, playing video games, and tabletop gaming. He is particularly fascinated by post-apocalyptic fiction, magic-punk, alternate history, and dark fantasy.

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