Steve Bowden

Hellmaw: Baffle

Short Story

The Daemon Baffle is curious about Earth, humans, and his choice of profession, the law. He has a unique ability. He can project bafflement into nearby minds…sometimes for his amusement, sometimes for serious purposes. Over the course of a day’s work, Baffle must confront his love and loathing of humans as he ponders the future of both Daemons and Homo Sapiens. If the human race is destroyed, who on earth will make him breakfast?



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About Hellmaw

Hellmaw is Ed Greenwood’s, creator of Forgotten Realms®, darkest setting to-date. You can start the series with any book, so consider starting here! Arc 1 of Hellmaw focuses on close-up, character-driven stories about interpersonal relationships, centered on the Araurra, daemon exiles thrust into our modern real-world Earth and finding their feet/roles/niches on our turf, perhaps learning they are being hunted. And perhaps being the hunters.

About the Author

Steve Bowden is a Canadian freelance writer who works on an astounding variety of subjects in myriad fields of endeavor.

He’s written catalog copy for collections of book proposals. He’s written bizarrely technical business plans for software systems to connect hundreds of people on a virtual private network. Then there’s the humor book he wrote back in 2000. Did we mention the dozens of Internet web essays on relationships for Match dot com? He’s also written god-knows-how-many articles on science and history for a website designed to teach English to Koreans, and he’s the guy behind the spoof news site BigZebra dot com.

Steve Bowden—in the business of being himself since 1964.

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