Gabrielle Harbowy

Hellmaw: Small World

Short Story

Quills has been busy since Hellmaw: Of the Essence, expanding her business and relocating to a new country. But a daemon from her past expresses concern that she’s TOO well adjusted into the human world.

The exciting short story that goes alongside Of the Essence!


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About Hellmaw

Hellmaw is Ed Greenwood’s, creator of Forgotten Realms®, darkest setting to-date. You can start the series with any book, so consider starting here! Arc 1 of Hellmaw focuses on close-up, character-driven stories about interpersonal relationships, centered on the Araurra, daemon exiles thrust into our modern real-world Earth and finding their feet/roles/niches on our turf, perhaps learning they are being hunted. And perhaps being the hunters.

About the Author

Gabrielle Harbowy has edited for publishers including Pyr, Lambda Literary, and Circlet Press, and spent a decade as the managing editor at Dragon Moon Press. She is a submissions editor at the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine. A Parsec Award finalist, her short fiction can be found in anthologies including Carbide Tipped Pens from Tor; her first novel, Hellmaw: Of the Essence, is available now from The Ed Greenwood Group. She also has a Pathfinder Tales novel, Gears of Faith, forthcoming from Paizo.

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