Suzanne Church

Hellmaw: Soul Larcenist

Novel or Novella

The exiled daemon Videx prowls Earth killing humans and his own kind for sport. He imprisons his Araurran victims’ riven souls in the jewels of his dagger, eating and discarding human life essences along the way. The first book in this trilogy set in Hellmaw pits the serial-killing daemon Videx against his relentless hunter Pugnaan—who is currently disguised as Puck Rysem, a detective with the Toronto Police Service.

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Hellmaw is Ed Greenwood’s, creator of Forgotten Realms®, darkest setting to-date. You can start the series with any book, so consider starting here! Arc 1 of Hellmaw focuses on close-up, character-driven stories about interpersonal relationships, centered on the Araurra, daemon exiles thrust into our modern real-world Earth and finding their feet/roles/niches on our turf, perhaps learning they are being hunted. And perhaps being the hunters.



Suzanne Church is an Aurora Award winning author who lives in Ontario Canada with her two teenaged sons. She is an outlier and a media junkie who when cornered becomes fiercely Canadian. After attending A.C. Crispin’s writers’ workshop at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000, she focused on writing and then attended James Gunn’s writers’ workshop in Lawrence, Kansas in the summer of 2004 and graduated from the Clarion South Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop in Brisbane, Australia in 2005.


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