CA Jarrett, JR Jarrett

Stormtalons: Before They Appeared

Short Story

What makes someone who they are? Is it their past? Their people? Get a few answers as far as Arum Winter is concerned. Meet his mentor, and the sister of Vraevre who raised him.

And the decisions they made that led Arum down his path.

An exciting prequel story to Not As They Appear!


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Welcome to Stormtalons, the rich-tapestry epic fantasy setting created by the Archmage that gave us The Forgotten Realms®, Ed Greenwood. The world of Asmer, where the Heirophar, ruler of Skalaunt, seeks to gain control of all magic and the deeply religious country of Rheligor opposes him no matter the cost. Where the dwarves of Khaormont vie with Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company for the vast resources of the Wyrmspire Mountains. Where ancient Dragons sleep deep beneath the earth with only legends and myth telling of them. Where elves live far, stranded or hidden, to escape those grasping for magic, power, or both. Where the lawless city-port of Tanthalas and the Firefall only have a single rule; you only get to have it if you can keep it. Where the reptilian uolori live in the hot jungles of the Yacathan, and brute dragons soar the skies over Alarstarn. Discover the Stormtalons, walk the grounds of Asmer, and lose yourself in the mists!


Cat and James Jarrett have been married for many years, own many animals, and spend their time writing, gaming, and working with the independent film industry in Georgia. Cat is the Network Content Manager for The Ed Greenwood Group and the Lore Guardian for Stormtalons. Additionally, she has published, “Catalyst: Book One of the Ozymandias Saga”, in an original setting of her own design. James is an actor and production designer, having appeared in and worked on such films as “The Other Side” and “Dance of the Dead”. Both have worked together on designing gaming worlds, writing scripts, and a variety of other materials.

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